Which sports are the most frequently bet on

Source: 7betSports betting is a really popular form of entertainment in recent times, which is why we have decided to look at which sports people are most likely to bet on.

Football. It probably won't come as too much of a surprise that football is in first place. This is the sport that has the largest number of fans around the world, with major football events attracting billions of viewers. Few people would say who Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are.

In football, the betting is usually on the major leagues. The World Cup, UEFA Euro, UEFA Champions League, Premier League and other major leagues get a lot of attention. People like to bet on a wide variety of football bets - far from just who will win a particular match, bets are also placed on whether a player will, for example, receive a yellow card.

Tennis. After football, tennis comes second. Indeed, there is a trend for people who like to place bets to bet on this sport very often, even though they may not have been too interested in it before.

Tennis also receives a lot of attention during the big tournaments known as Grand Slams. There are four of them per season - the Australian Open, Rolland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open. But other, slightly lower-ranked tennis tournaments are certainly also popular.

Basketball. This sport also attracts a lot of bets, and most of them are placed in a league that really needs no further introduction. You got that right, we mean the NBA. People who like NBA basketball often bet on points scored by their favourite players and on other individual performances.

Basketball betting volumes increase significantly when national teams are playing. As a result, the European Basketball Championship, the World Cup and the Olympic Games are also very popular.

Hockey. Hockey comes fourth on this list. Hockey is a specific sport as it is only played in part of the world. Basically, one that has a cold season. Nevertheless, true hockey fans are happy to place bets on their favourite sport. And the most bets are undoubtedly placed on the NHL Championship.