Do progressive betting systems work?!

This particular myth is dangerous. If you remember only one thing from this article, remember one of the most important - the fact that progressive betting systems do not work. They are fundamentally flawed and ultimately useless. If you do not want to fail in the field of betting, we suggest that you avoid them altogether.

What are progressive betting systems?

Progressive betting systems include adjusting the betting package based on the results of previous bets. There are two main types of this system:

  • Positive progressive betting systems
  • Negative progressive betting systems

With a positive progressive system, our bets increase after winning and decrease after defeat. So, for example, after winning in a betting company, we can top up our account from 20 to 25 euros. And from 15 to 20 EUR after the loss.

The theory of a positive progressive system is that we can make more profit when we go through a series of victories and reduce losses when we go through a series of defeats.

This system is fairly harmless, but it does absolutely nothing to improve your overall chances of winning, although it is not very empty of your pocket.

However, a negative progressive system is not as harmless as a positive one. This is basically the reverse form of a positive progressive system: bets increase after defeat and decrease after victory. The theory here is that by increasing your share after a loss, you will be able to recoup your previous losses when you win.

The logic may seem reasonable, and that is why this system is so dangerous. It is very easy to naively believe that ever-increasing betting packages after a loss will ultimately pay off.

This is true to some extent, but losing bets can take a long time. By constantly raising bets after each defeat, bets can easily grow so high that as a result of their increase, the pockets of many suffer greatly, and they can no longer afford such losses. While you may have heard that progressive systems work in other areas of betting, it is in sports betting that it simply does not work and is not profitable for you as a consumer.